Oct 2018 : JACOMEX at RAFALD-2018 (6-8 Nov.Lyon)
  An annual workshop dedicated to the ALD technology (Atomic Layer Deposition) that all major current French actors (academic laboratories and industrial companies) will attend. ALD is a proven thin-film deposition technique with various applications in microelectronics, energy, nanotechnologies [...]
Oct 2018 : New hinged doors for our mini vacuum chamber
- New inner and outer hinged doors can fit our mini vacuum chamber diameter 150 mm. The quarter-turn design make the operating easy and the tightening highly reliable. Mechanical articulations enable a total opening. - Can be mounted on the new heated mini vacuum chamber diameter 150 mm. - [...]
Sept 2018 : New Glovebox GP[Campus]-T3
Our range of standard glove boxes has become more flexible to better meet your expectations. The GP[Campus] glove box is now available with 3 gloves for a larger working area.  Length : 1500 mm. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further requirements.
Hybriden, proof-of-concept platform
Located at the heart of the CEA Grenoble, the Hybriden facility offers a research area equipped with sophisticated instruments designed to investigate concepts, architectures and innovative materials in the Energy production (solar cells) or storage (batteries, supercapacitors) fields. The word [...]
The SmartMatLab, a bridge between research and industry
The new SmartMatLab Center of the University of Milano, for the development and experimentation prior to the application of advanced and intelligent materials ; has been inaugurated in presence of key actors of the University of Milano Chemistry Department, the ISTM-CNR, the Region of Lombardy [...]
Jacomex establishes a branch in India
Jacomex has extended its branches in India with the opening of a commercial office in New Delhi. Jacomex objectives are twofold; extending the commercial and technical team on the spot to shorten the answering delays and increase service efficiency  and prospecting new markets. Furthermore, the [...]
The IAEA renews its trust to Jacomex
Jacomex has successfully realized and installed 21 glove boxes at the Nuclear Material Laboratory (NML) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the international organization which watches over the world nuclear activities and seeks to promote the nuclear energies peaceful use and [...]

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