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Jacomex quality also relies on its Service Department in France and abroad. 

In France, the Service Department Manager remains available to answer your questions on glove box maintenance, spare parts replacement or to remedy a technical failure. 

Jacomex specialized technicians operate in your premises to perform preventive or curative maintenance of your installation. 

Jacomex also provides an Installation and Training Service. 

Abroad, Jacomex Sales representatives commission their technicians to Jacomex France so that they follow a specific technical training conform to the Company’s quality criterium and work closely with the French Service Department. 

Service Department commitments in France:

  • Phone or email hotline from Monday to Tuesday 7h30-12h PM/1h-5h PM and from 7h30 to 12h PM on Fridays.
  • Answer within 48h maximum.
  • Intervention (emergency) under 72h.

Service department contact details

Tel : 00 +33 (4) 72 25 19 06

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