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Jacomex, makes installation easier !


Jacomex offers installation and training packages including:



The glove box transport is taken care of by Jacomex and directly delivered to your premises. 

Room or physical constraints have been anticipated (delivery time, dimensions, material means, etc.) so that delivery takes place in the best conditions. 


Installation / assembling

Jacomex specialized technicians take care of the installation and assembling of the glove box in your premises and check the installation’s good functioning. 


Starting up

Jacomex specialized technicians proceed to the glove box’ starting up. Jacomex products are of simple and intuitive use. 



Jacomex certified technicians provide team training: 


    - Glove box use

Good use advice, setting of the touch screen, use of the automatic and manual antechambers, use of the analyzers, purification, pressure regulation, ventilation and regeneration functioning. 


    - Maintenance  

Optimum functioning conditions. 

Gloves replacement, gaskets, filters and other consumables.


Jacomex India service technician performs the glove box installation/assembling, starting up and provides training according to our quality and efficiency criteria.


For service information in India, please contact Mr.Neeraj Singh :




Jacomex sales representatives around the world offer installation, assembling and training services which comply to the Company’s requirements and quality criterion. 


Jacomex also performs direct services in many countries, contact us to enquire further on our Service offer. 

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