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Prevailing Standards

     - ISO 9001          TÜV ISO 9001:2015 certification

     - ISO 10648-2    Classification of containment enclosures and glove boxes according to leak tightness and associated checking methods

     - EN 60439-1     CE self-certification



Tightness test with helium mass spectrometer

     - For vacuum components, transfer chambers, purifiers and hermetic feedthroughs.

     - Leak rate : < 10-5 mbar l/sec



Tightness test for glove boxes : ISO 10648-2

     - Oxygen increase method, class 1, for most of the glove boxes

     - Maximal acceptable leak rate : < 0.05 Vol%/h.

     - Usual leak rate of our glove boxes at the factory :   0.0005 Vol%/h <  Leak Rate  < 0.0025 Vol%/h


     Our tightness tests attest to the efficiency of sealing technologies developed by JACOMEX.

     Thereafter, in operation, the increase in oxygen in a glove box is not attributed to the panels or sealing technologies, but is mainly due to

     the permeation of gloves.

     For this reason, and according to the standard, tests are carried out with sealed glove ports.




     Our sound advice

      - Choosing the right model of purification unit : JACOMEX has developed a wide range of performing gas purification units with boosted

     oxygen removal capabilities suitable for all different glove box designs. Contact us from the start of your project.

     - Over the entire lifetime of your glove box : check the gloves regularly. Change them preventively.



On-demand controls and authorizations


     - Information folders

     - Material Certificate according to EN 10204 3.1

     - Welding specifications, Welding Procedure Qualification Record according to EN 1418

     - Force calculations, seismic calculations ...

     - CEFRI nuclear authorization

     - AFPIC N2 Chemistry authorization

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