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JACOMEX is a major international player in the supply of glove boxes, isolators and neutral gas purification systems. One of the few manufacturers of glove boxes with a singular structure, able to manage your projects as a whole, step by step : commercial and technical analysis, study and design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and validation, installation, service.

Gloves boxes entirely designed and manufactured in France.

Originally solicited in the nuclear field for its skills in tightness control and containment technique, JACOMEX has developped its know-how in glove boxes and offer its expertise in academic research (chemistry, physics, biology, nanotechnologies, organic electronics ...) and also in advanced industrial sectors : glove boxes for lithium batteries and energy storage, Titanium-welding glove boxes in aeronautics and defense, strict anaerobic chambers for petrochemicals, protective enclosures for additive manufacturing, isolators for pharmaceuticals ...

Contacting JACOMEX is the guarantee of having :

- multi-sectoral expert advice and a dialogue with in-depth understanding of your technical requirements,

- oustanding flexibility in defining your needs and offering technical solutions,

- a range of standard, versatile or customized glove boxes for volumes ranging from single glovebox workstations with two gloves up to large enclosures over several tens m3.

- a wide range of inert gas purification units (N2, Ar, He) with stable purification capacities (achievable concentrations down to <1 ppm H20, <1 ppm O2) perfectly adapted to the volume to be purified, avoiding too frequent maintenance and regeneration actions.

- exchanges with our engineers and technicians from the definition phase of the project throughout all the lifetime of the glove box.


For your glove boxes projects related to protection of products under ultra-pure atmosphere or safety and protection of operators, please contact one of our French sales and technical managers or our international partners.

70 years of control in tightness

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