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Rounded corners : the genuine trademark of JACOMEX

Rounded corners of  glove boxes have become a genuine trademark of the company. This specific design with no sharp edge is essential in some areas, e.g. nuclear and pharmaceuticals, whereas cleanability and decontamination are critical.


Rounded corners can be offered on request on glove boxes G[box], GP[concept], G[safe], G[iso]. Rounded corners open new dimensions in all areas, even the most traditional ones.


Glove boxes with rounded corners have many positive benefits :

. Improvement in cleanability and surface decontamination : nuclear glove boxes, pharmaceutical isolators, strict anaerobic chambers in biotechnology, microbiology and biochemistry.

. Containment’s optimization and workstation’s securing : powder processing glove boxes, additive manufacturing glove boxes, glove boxes for nanopowders, nanomaterials and carbon nanotubes.

. Reduction in cross contaminations : maintaining a clean working area makes synthesis and characterizations more reliable, easier and enhanced in chemistry, physics and material sciences.

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