Replacement of the filtering cartridge
A mist separator filter is assembled on the vacuum pump to absorb the oil contained in the exhaust gaz; the video shows how to proceed to the replacement of the filtering cartridge when it is clogged.
Replacement of a glove
The glove box atmosphere must be preserved from room pollution when replacing a glove ; the video shows how to proceed.
Replacement and calibration of the oxygen cell
The oxygen cell is a consumable ; it is worn over time according to the oxygen concentration measured. The video shows how to proceed to the replacement and calibration.
Vacuum chamber functioning
The vacuum chamber allows to introduce parts in a purified glove box without atmopshere pollution. Within this purpose, a vacuuming / filling cycle must be launched on the PLC. The video shows the PLC settings.
Vacuum chamber’s automatic doors functioning
The vacuum chamber’s automatic doors increase the operator’s comfort. The associated video shows their functioning.

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