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GP [concept]

Tailor-made glove box

High performance purification glove box, modular and versatile  for products and/or operator protection.

<1ppm O2/H2O

Tailor-made drawings made according to your requirements.



Your requirement

Manipulating moisture and/or oxygen sensitive products.

Manipulating operator and/or environment hazardous products.

Material integration.

A tailor-made project.

Your benefit

  • Atmosphere <1ppm O2/H2O, with low gas consumption.
  • Work in underpressure or overpressure.
  • Automatically assisted management and parameters recording.
  • Integration of any type of material.
  • Tailor-made drawings according to your technical, ergonomic and dimensional requirements and constraints.
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Three separate models can meet your needs.

P [sys]

Simple line purification with purification capacities of 30L O2 and 1440g H2O.

P [sys]-II-S

Purification capacities increased thanks to twin purifications é purification capacities of 200L O2 and 2880g H2O.

P [sys]-II-P

Non-stop working thanks to two parallel purifications è purification capacities of 2x 30L O2 and 2x 1440g H2O.


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